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Super Troopers and Healthy Ireland Smart Start Programme in the 3-6 classes.

Super Troopers:

We are delighted your child and family are taking part in Super Troopers . Your child has already received a Super Trooper’s Activity Journal and Family Activity Wall Chart to get them started.


Across Ireland, 160,000 children have already increased their physical activity levels by doing these activities and challenges.  Super Troopers is the first ever health homework programme in Ireland. It encourages children and their families to become more active and learn about healthy lifestyles. The programme includes short burst, fun activities around physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition.

Healthy Ireland Smart Start.

Smart Start

The children in the 3-6 classes are currently undertaking this programme throughout the year. Each month we have been focusing on a different unit and will continue to expand on this learning throughout the academic year.

This programme consists of the following units: Health Promotion, Emotional Well-being, Physical Activity, Oral Health and Health &Safety.

Emotional Well Being/Literacy: In each of the 3-6 classes we have been reading books all about our feelings. Over the coming weeks we will be sending discussion cards and book home to  support emotional well-being. In school we have been working on a different feeling each week and have created new materials to support emotional literacy.

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Health Promotion: We have started learning about where food comes from and how to grow our own healthy snacks. We plan to start planting lots more herbs and vegetables in the garden.


Nutrition: As part of our nutrition lessons we have been investigating the food pyramid and sorting food into the different food groups.  We will be using our practical life skills to prepare and cut fruit and we will be making healthy smoothies in school.


Safety: We have started learning all about road safety. Each day we listen to one of the stories from Simon and Friends.  This theory is reinforced when we go on outings to the Library, the  sea garden and Peoples Park.


Oral Health: Dr. Ciara our local dentist visits our school with her team of dentists once a year. In our classrooms we expand on this experience by undertaking activities related to oral health.


Physical Activity :  Our new sensory garden provides us with the opportunity to play outside every day. Getting fresh air, playing with our friends and moving our bodies is essential to staying healthy.

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Our Teachers

The Montessori teacher’s education is based on individual growth and development. Observation is a key skill. Through careful observation, the Montessori teacher follows the individual interests and needs of each child, providing lessons and guidance when necessary. This is important for the teacher and pupil so that materials and activities can be used to meet each child’s developmental needs as part of his/her learning plan. The Montessori teacher’s role in the classroom is to maintain an inspiring learning environment to encourage the child to work in a self-motivated manner.


Ms. Gray

BA in Humanities in Montessori Education (6-9 teacher)

Kate Gray BA in Humanities in Montessori Education (6-9 teacher). Kate graduated from St. Nicholas Montessori College with a BA in Humanities in Montessori Education in 2002. She began her teaching career in Gateway Montessori School, Ballsbridge. Kate initially worked with the 3-4 year old children and then on to establish and run a 5-7 year old class. Kate joined the staff of St. Nicholas Montessori School in September 2008. Kate is currently the Chairperson of St. Nicholas Montessori Teachers’ Association.


Ms. Farrelly

BA (Hons) in Montessori Education (3-6 teacher)

Ms Mary Farrelly BA (Hons) in Montessori Education (3-6 teacher). Mary began her Montessori career in the A.M.I. training college in Dublin in 1990. After completing a two year course she graduated with an International A.M.I. Diploma for teaching 3-6 year old children. Mary then went on to run her own Montessori pre-school for sixteen years. In 2006 she returned to part-time education which led to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Montessori Education from St. Nicholas Montessori College Ireland. Mary joined the staff of St Nicholas in September 2008.


Ms. Dempsey

BA (Hons) in Montessori Education (3-6 teacher)

Laura Dempsey BA (Hons) in Montessori Education (3-6 teacher) Laura graduated from St. Nicholas Montessori College in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Montessori Education. She joined the St. Nicholas staff in 2008. She is currently working as a Montessori Teacher with children from three to six years. With experience in both pre-school and primary school settings, she has worked with many children at various stages of development. She has a Masters of Education.


Ms. O’Connor

Higher Diploma in  Montessori Education. (3-6 teacher)          BA (Joint Honors) in History and Education Studies.  Email:

Shirley graduated from Newman College, Birmingham in 2004 with a Degree in History and Education studies. After graduating Shirley worked as an English and History teacher. Throughout her initial degree Shirley discovered her passion for working with the younger age groups and furthered her studies by completing the Higher Diploma in  Montessori Education in 2006.  Shirley has worked as a 3-6 year old Montessori teacher for over ten years. Shirley completed her Children’s Yoga Teacher training with the Elbow Room in 2014 and teaches yoga in our after school club. Shirley completed the Leadership for Inclusion in the Early Years programme with Mary Immaculate College Limerick and  graduated in October 2017.

Ms Fitzpatrick

Ms. Fitzpatrick

BSc in Biochemistry, University College Dublin and Higher Diploma in Arts in Early ChildhoodMontessori (3-6 teacher)

Sarah has a BSc in Biochemistry and a Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Childhood Montessori Education. Sarah graduated from St. Nicholas Montessori College Ireland in 2010 and has been working in St. Nicholas Montessori School since graduating. Sarah is currently the Treasurer and Registrar of the St. Nicholas Teaching Association.

 Mrs O'Malley

Moira O’Malley

HDip in Arts in Early Childhood Montessori Education (3-6 years).

Moira graduated from St Nicholas in 2010 with a Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Childhood Montessori Education.  She has worked in a pre-school setting for 4 years, before joining St Nicholas in 2016. Moira also hold a Masters in Architecture. She has practiced in both the UK and Ireland before retraining as a teacher.

Assistant Teachers

Ciara Delany & Amy Houlden BA (Hons) in Montessori Education

Zoe Cunningham & Amy Dowling - BA in Montessori Education

Rebecca O’Neill - Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Childhood Montessori Education