Our Teachers

The Montessori teacher’s education is based on individual growth and development. Observation is a key skill. Through careful observation, the Montessori teacher follows the individual interests and needs of each child, providing lessons and guidance when necessary. This is important for the teacher and pupil so that materials and activities can be used to meet […]

The Montessori Method


Montessori Beyond Pre-School We are all familiar with Montessori for our pre-school children but how many of us consider the Montessori method as an alternative after pre-school? Montessori is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Since its creation, the method has flourished in many countries with 20,000 schools worldwide, […]

Pupil’s Testimonials


Pupil’s Testimonials “I┬ástarted in St. Nicholas 2 years ago I can remember my first visit here with my mom. This was when I first met Mrs Tierney. She was smiling and very happy. She was really welcoming. In class you can ask Mrs Tierney anything and if I am upset about something Mrs Tierney always […]

Our Classrooms


Montessori Classroom The Montessori Classroom is a carefully prepared environment designed to reinforce the child’s independence and natural urge toward self-development. There is a wide range of Montessori materials, activities and experiences which are designed to foster physical, intellectual, creative and social independence. Each piece of material has a specific purpose and is presented in […]

Our Philosophy


St Nicholas Montessori School follows the Montessori Method of education, which assists each child to attain his/her individual potential. The philosophy is based on respect for each other and the environment and the individuality of the child. The Montessori classroom is a prepared environment, which is child-centred and fosters the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and […]

Our History


In September 1980 St. Nicholas Montessori School opened its doors with 22 students ranging in ages from three to eight years of age. St Nicholas House was officially opened on the 6th December 1980, the feast of St. Nicholas. At the time nobody visualised the expansion of the school. The following September a second class […]

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St. Nicholas Montessori School...

You are very welcome to the St. Nicholas Montessori School website. I hope that this site will provide you with a good insight into our Montessori School, its history and the philosophy of the Montessori Method of Education. St. Nicholas Montessori School aims to develop the human potential in every child and qualities such as […]