Healthy Ireland Smart Start Programme in the 3-6 classes.

Healthy Ireland Smart Start




This Health Promotion programme is the result of over a decade of collaborative work led by the HSE Department of Health Promotion and the National Childhood Network. This programme hopes to ensure children are supported to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours in early childhood. The Training Programme reflects the aim of the Healthy Ireland Framework to bring all people together into a national movement with a single aim to ensure the best possible health and well-being of our nation.

The children in the 3-6 classes will be undertaking this programme throughout the year. We have already started many of the units and will continue to expand on this learning in the coming academic year. This programme consists of the following units: Health Promotion, Emotional Well-being, Physical Activity, Oral Health and Health &Safety.

We have created a notice board outside the hall where we will be keeping everyone up to date on our learning and progress. Here are some of the activities we have undertaken:

Health Promotion: 

We have started learning about where food comes from and how to grow our own healthy snacks. In September we plan to start planting lots more herbs and vegetables in the garden



As part of our nutrition lessons we have been investigating the food pyramid and sorting food into the different food groups.  We will be using our practical life skills to prepare and cut fruit and we will be making healthy smoothies in school.




Safety: We have started learning all about road safety. Each day we listen to one of the stories from Simon and Friends.  This theory is reinforced when we go on outings to the Library, the  sea garden and Peoples Park.


Emotional Well Being/Literacy: We have started reading books all about our feelings. Over the coming year we will be learning how to express our emotions, how to calm our minds and look after our mental health. In September each 3-6 class will have weekly yoga and mindfulness lessons during the school day.


Oral Health: Dr. Ciara visited our school with her team of dentists. In our classrooms we expand on this experience by undertaking activities related to oral health.


Physical Activity : Our new sensory garden provides us with the opportunity to play outside every day. Getting fresh air, playing with our friends and moving our bodies is essential to staying healthy.

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