Pupil’s Testimonials

“I started in St. Nicholas 2 years ago I can remember my first visit here with my mom. This was when I first met Mrs Tierney. She was smiling and very happy. She was really welcoming. In class you can ask Mrs Tierney anything and if I am upset about something Mrs Tierney always tries to help. I also like the way you are able to choose what subjects you do here. I wasn’t allowed do this in my other school. I will really miss my class and especially Mrs Tierney”


“My favourite memory of St. Nicholas was when I first came into the class for a trial day last May. Mrs Tierney and the class were all very welcoming and kind. I was really nervous because I thought that they might not like me. I was really excited on the first day back. I felt really lucky to have gotten a place for my last year of primary school. I was so happy to have a kind, gentle and wonderful class in St. Nicholas. I will miss St. Nicholas so much and I hope I will be able to come back and visit! Thank you everyone in St. Nicholas for the best year ever!”


“I started in St. Nicholas eight years ago. I have had four wonderful teachers who made everyday a great day: Mrs. Sloane, Mrs. Culhane, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Tierney. And I have loved coming to school day afer day. I have had many great assistant teachers over the years. This year we had Miss Dunlea and she was loads of fun. I will never forget my time in St. Nicholas”


“I started St. Nicholas Montessori when I was four years old. The experiences I have had through the years has been absolutely amazing. St. Nicholas Montessori has taught me to value myself and value others, to appreciate the gift of friendship and working as a team. One of the most important values I have learned here is the importance of respect, for myself, for others and especially for the people who give so much of themselves to ensure that we learn and have interesting material to work with, i.e. the teachers.

What I’II miss most, in a word…Everything! I would like to thank Mrs. Tierney, Ms. Gray and all the other teachers who have gotten me this far. I would especially like to thank Mrs. Tierney for preparing me so well for my Confirmation this year. I will always hold the wonderful memories I have here in my heart”