All detail requirements on the application form regarding the child must be completed and any relevant important information or specific diet or health needs must be noted. Children must be over 2 years and 8 month and toilet trained to attend.
Children with special needs and disabilities are welcome. Up to date assessments should be included with the child application Places are limited in line with the availability of adequate facilities and staffing.Any child moving to St Nicholas Montessori School from another school must submit a copy of the most recent school report on application.

How to apply

  • Parents complete the attached application form.
  • Copies of any assessments should be included with the child’s application.

What happens next

  • On receipt of the completed application form the parents or guardians and their child are invited to visit the school and meet the Principal. They are shown the classrooms and the principal informs them of the teaching methods, philosophy and objectives.
  • The child name is placed on a waiting list.
  • A letter is sent to the parents in February offering them a place in the school for the following September.
  • Parents are requested to forward a deposit (non refundable) to the school in order to secure this place for their child.
  • If no places are available the child name will be placed on a cancellation list. The deposit will be refunded should no place become available.