Green School Musical

St. Nicholas have been asked to perform a Green School Musical on Friday 18th May in the LexIcon Theatre.
The children in the 6-12 classes will be busy rehearsing over the coming weeks. There will be three performances, two shows for local school children in the morning and afternoon with a performance for parents in the evening.
More details to follow !

Spring Clean

Mrs Tierneys class attended the launch of the National Spring Clean organised by DLRCoCo on Wednesday along with some children from primary schools in Dalkey.  It was a lovely event and featured on the children’s news program news2day on RTE2 on Wednesday afternoon.  See link to the program below.

Watch the video on the RTE Website, minute 3:32

Active School Week 2018

For Active School Week, is one of the busiest week of the year and by far one of the children’s favorite time in the life of our school.

This weeks children have been practicing the following activities on top of their normal PE time :

Everyone had a wonderful time !