All classes have a weekly PE class with a qualified P.E teacher. These classes include a wide variety of activities; football, indoor tennis, gymnastics, tennis, hockey, rounders, parachute games and team exercise games. These sessions are designed to help children work as part of a team and also as individuals. The children in the 6-12 classes have weekly Hockey from September to March and weekly tennis lessons from March to June. We also have weekly team games such as Rounders, Football and Go For Ball.

The schools also organises an annual Active School Week where children get to discover new activities such as Modern and Irish, Dancing, GAA, Fencing, Calisthenics, Badminton, etc…


Music classes for all children take place once a week, the children in the 3 to 6 class study music appreciation along with games and singing. Also included in the 6 to12 year old Music classes is the teaching of rhythm and basic notation. Our School Christmas Plays take place in December. In June a Music Concert is performed for the parents.



French classes for all children take place weekly.